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PRIVACY ACT 1988 (CTH) and the Privacy Policy
  1. Saleyards always complies with the obligations under the Privacy Act including under the Australian Privacy Principles.
  2. You consent to the collection and use of Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Act) by Saleyards in order to enable Saleyards to carry on its business and supply of Goods.
  3. Saleyards will from time to time, collect personal information from you.
  4. We will only use the Personal Information you provide to us through for the purpose for which it was provided and any incidental purpose, that a reasonable person would expect offered on or through Saleyards may disclose personal information about you in some circumstances. Saleyards may disclose your personal information to third party contractors and service providers who help us to operate this website and provide a service to you. Saleyards may also share your personal information with its related bodies corporate to assist Saleyards to ensure that your personal information remains up-to-date and complete and so that we may better understand and meet your needs and interests.
  5. We will not give your Personal Information to any other third parties without your prior consent. The only exceptions to this are when we are required to disclose the information by law or to protect our rights, safety or property. When we have to send your Personal Information to contractors or service providers to carry out work on Saleyard’s behalf, or to related bodies corporate, we require these organisations to comply with this privacy policy and, in certain situations, require a confidential undertaking to protect your personal information. We will now allow others to use your information beyond what is necessary to assist Saleyards and wherever possible they will be required to provide a confidentiality undertaking to protect your Personal Information.
  6. You may request a copy or details of the personal information that we hold of You. To do so, please forward a written request to We may ask you to complete a Personal Information Request Form. We are not in the business of charging you a fee regarding your personal information. However appropriate admin charges (reflect of the cost) may be charged to you in certain circumstances. You must satisfy identity validation procedures to establish that you and the individual requesting the personal information are one and the same.
  7. Contacting Us: you may contact us at or via post at 52 Gladstone Rd, Allenstown QLD 4700, Australia
  8. Are you unhappy with how we have managed your privacy concern? Please contact us first at Then, if we haven’t been able to satisfy your concerns, you should contact the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner – Privacy Hotline on 1300 363 992 or visit their website for further direction and assistance.
  9. Disclaimer: This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time by us at our sole discretion and variations will become effective at the time of posting. Saleyards is not responsible for any unauthorised use of or access to the Personal Information provided.
  10. Third Parties: Saleyards is not responsible for any privacy practices of third parties that may be connected or listed on this webpage.