About Clovendoe

Clovendoe has carefully sourced and curated three secret blends of botanicals that underpin its non-alcoholic and low-alcohol vodka range. Stimulating on both the nose and palate, Clovendoe’s botanic vapour-infused spirits are intentionally crafted to speak for themselves and to be enjoyed with little interference.

There is the Zero-proof Spirit (0% Alc/Vol), CLOVENDOE BOTANICAL CONCENTRATE, and a Triple Distilled Low-alcoholic (30% Alc/Vol) Vodka, CLOVENDOE BOTANICAL SPIRITUS. There has been an increasing demand for a low-alcohol spirit, so Clovendoe listened and acted. Typically, most spirits sit somewhere between 40-50% Alc/Vol, but Clovendoe decided to change the game, creating Clovendoe Botanical Spritus, a Vodka that is lower in alcohol, but retains all the complexities of a well-rounded and sophisticated spirit.

The infusions are made from carefully selected and prepared botanicals and are sourced locally. The three secret recipes lay the foundation for both the Concentrate and Spiritus range.

🌱Seed 🌱Sprout 🌱Stem

SEED🍋 Inspired by the familiar essence of an Australian native garden.

SPROUT🍊 Inspired by the alluring aromas of the Spice Trail.

STEM🍈 Inspired by the fresh and exotic scents of South East Asia.

The Seed, Sprout and Stem Zero-proof Concentrate range is kept in small batches as Clovendoe chooses not to use preservatives of any kind. By keeping it small batch, it means the product can be carefully monitored and controlled so you receive only the freshest, highest quality concentrate possible. We are about keeping the integrity, from the still to the bottle to you. The Low-alcoholic Spiritus range is of course, naturally preserved by the alcohol.

Clovendoe’s Hoof Print

The debate about climate change rages on! Whatever fence you may sit on, there is certainly no denying that all take and no give is not the ideal way to operate in life and business. Here at Saleyards Distillery we do give a toss about our foot print, or as we like to put it, our hoof print. But the reality is we are in the business of manufacturing; we contribute to carbon emissions from water heating, electricity and appliances and transport to name just the major ones.

Becoming more sustainable can often be tricky and at this stage, unlike larger businesses, we do not have the financial resources to roll-out large sustainable programs and operations. In the meantime, we remain committed to small things that don’t break the bank; like recycling, focusing local where possible and using sustainably sourced ingredients and products. We are currently seeking out more suitable eco-friendly packaging and processes for our products and we have plans to move towards Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsetting.

In Australia, where there is no mandatory requirement for individuals to reduce emissions, offsets can only be bought voluntarily. Consumers can either buy directly through specialised carbon offset retailers, or choose to offset certain activities. So, working within our current means, we have chosen to be part of the PLANT-A-TREE program with the organisation Carbon Neutral. The program holds a Gold Standard stamp of approval. The Gold Standard is a globally recognised and trusted regulatory framework for the deployment of public and private capital into climate, environment and development projects. Every project certified by The Gold Standard must monitor, report and verify carbon savings and sustainable development benefits for local communities. So this is the part where you can help us to achieve our end goal of becoming a carbon neutral business!


For every Trio pack of Clovendoe Botanical Spiritus or Botanical Concentrate sold, a native tree will be planted for you in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia. A PLANT A TREE certificate will be provided along with your purchase, thanking you for your contribution. This gesture also applies to all retailers and outlets who purchase wholesale…what a great way for a bunch of conscientious businesses to give back collectively! You deserve to feel warm and fuzzy too!

 Drink Yourself Conscious

The Women In The Distillery

Master Distiller – Catie

CLOVENDOE is the brainchild of Australian distiller Catie Brewer. With over 18 pregnant and 24 breastfeeding long months clocked up, Catie was yearning for sophisticated alternatives to alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages that didn’t beg for an apology. Post-mix soda water and a limp wedge of lemon was just not cutting it.
A couple of years of researching and brainstorming, it wasn’t till 2016 when she, her husband and a few friends established the Saleyards Distillery in central Queensland that Catie put her research and ideas into practice. She spent countless months sourcing local produce through local growers; think Makrut Lime leaves, Lemon Myrtle and Lemongrass, to name a few, and then the experiments began. Throughout the nights, after her kids were tucked up in bed, Catie worked on her infusions with a small copper pot still she named Frankie. She would heat Frankie to 100 degrees, collect the vapours from her botanicals and then start mixing these flavours to discover what worked well together. A couple of years later, she eventually perfected the recipe to three distinctly unique infusions she called Seed, Sprout and Stem and  decided it was time to introduce Clovendoe.

Merchant – Carla

When Carla moved up from Melbourne with her partner Simon to work at the Saleyards Distillery, she was looking for something different, a new challenge and to get away from the grind of the city life. Now she is integral to Clovendoe, helping to run the day-to-day tasks in the distillery and assist Catie in the preparation and bottling of the botanicals. From the bottling, labelling, marketing to selling, Carla has now joined forces with Catie to practically live and breathe Clovendoe. Catie describes Carla as her rock: “She keeps my head straight when I get overwhelmed. I would not have got here without her support.”

The Artists Behind The Limited Edition Labels

Seed Artist

Erin Dunne


Born and bred on a cattle station in Central Queensland, Erin is an artist who’s work investigates the personal significance and poetic resonances of the way in which our connections with people, places and objects inform our sense of self. Through her work, she aims to capture and distil a sense of what it means to live and work in regional Central Queensland from her perspective.

“Drawing is an act of distillation. The more time that I spend drawing the things that matter most to me, the more clearly I’m aware of and able to appreciate them. Drawing and the way in which I see the world are inextricably linked”.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 2.30.02 pm

Nellie Lovegrove


Nellie is a Central Queensland visual artist, printmaker and graphic designer. Her Lino prints are distinctive for the use of Persian motifs and while they express her personal feelings toward a subject, they usually have traces of Persian mythology stories within.

“In my practice I’d like to create a subtle and calm land enabling the viewer to enter the unknown safely and depart with a positive affirmation, as I believe there is more than enough cruelty, unfairness and loneliness in the world”.

Sprout Artist

Wilma La


From large-scale acrylic abstract/impressionist pieces to botanical-inspired watercolour and ink works, Wilma has a distinctive artistic style which reverberates with the textures of nature, celebrations of light and stories of travel. There is a unique duality in her works that swings between the dynamic power and energy present in the natural world and human condition, and an exquisite subtleness that whispers of the ephemeral nature of things.

“My canvas is the perfect version of the world I would like to see”.


Kat Clark


Kat Clark is a performing artist who has had a lifelong passion for drawing and painting. Her subjects have ranged from circus artists to Australian landscapes to animals and mythical creatures. Kat is known for her love of a creative challenge and playful, detailed artistic work. And a creative challenge she received when she took on the task to create our Clovendoe mascot.
Catie passed on the image of a sketch taken from The Hortus Sanitatis, the first natural history encyclopaedia, which was published in 1491. The encyclopedia describes species in the natural world along with their medicinal uses and modes of preparation. This female mandrake sketch was to become the inspiration for Kat to (literally) draw from, and today you you will find our half plant, half goat woman on every bottle of Clovendoe.

More Amazing Women Cultivating Clovendoe 

Wilma Mixologist



In the early days when Catie was experimenting with her botanicals on Frankie, Wilma was there lending support. She was been forced to trial many batches – some good and some not so good. Catie says: “By the time I finally perfected my recipes, Wilma was pretty attuned to the subtleties in the botanicals.” Wilma has a great nose and palate and uses her creative nature to play with the notes in the botanicals and her artistic eye means she is always producing visually exquisite drinks out of Clovendoe, and of course, they come out tasting just as good as they look.
She is a constant surprise, creating beautiful concoctions to add to the collection of unique Clovendoe cocktails and mocktails. These pictures and recipes can be found on our social media pages and can be requested here.




Jodie is a marketing and events professional of over 18 years and is the brains behind the company Your View Marketing. Jodie helped Catie when there was no budget to update the website and create a dedicated Clovendoe page, she jumped in when it was desperately needed and that’s why she deserves a shout out. “Without her help I wouldn’t have been able to share and celebrate all the creative and strong women you see on this page,” Catie says. Jodie didn’t do it for any other reason than to just help a fellow woman out. Now that’s what it’s all about, right?

E: jodie@yourviewmarketing.com.au