Clovendoe cocktail

CLOVENDOE is the brainchild of Australian distiller Catie Brewer. With over 18 pregnant & 24 breastfeeding long months clocked up, Catie was yearning for sophisticated alternatives to alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages that didn’t beg for an apology. Post mix soda water and a limp wedge of lemon was just not cutting it. A couple of years of researching and brainstorming, it wasn’t till 2016 when she, her husband & a few friends established the Saleyards Distillery in Central Queensland, that Catie put her research and ideas into practice.
Throughout the nights, after her kids were tucked up in bed, Catie worked on her infusions with a small copper pot still she named Frankie. A couple of years later, March 8th 2019 to be precise…International Women’s Day…with the wave of connected consciousness in the air, Catie decided to come out and proud with Clovendoe!
Today, carefully sourced and curated blends of botanicals are now available in the form of a zero-proof spirit, CLOVENDOE BOTANICAL CONCENTRATE, and a triple distilled 30% ABV vodka, CLOVENDOE BOTANICAL SPIRITUS.
Boldly unique in essence and botanical constitution, these botanic vapour infused spirits are intentionally crafted to speak for themselves and to be enjoyed with little interference. Clovendoe is best paired with soda water or neat over ice. Unsweetened, sugar and preservative free.
Here’s to being enough. Happy to have arrived.

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